Friday, 19 July 2013

Cumulated Redists Pack (15.08.2014)


I made the pack for all of you from MS redistributables. It took some time to confirm, which versions are actually the latests. On x64 platform just install both x32 and x64 files (VJ# has one "x32_only" installer and 2nd one "both_x64_x32" - here install only the 2nd on x64 system). MSXML v4 and VF# are x32 only, still install them on x64 OS. For installing MSXML v5, refer to included howto.txt. These DLLs are quite useful on any fresh Windows installation. (MSXML v6 and v3 (x64 and x32) are already preinstalled, autoupdated and so latest in W8.) If you have older versions than those below present on your OS, uninstall them 1st.


MSXML v4 SP3 v4-30-2117-0 (KB2758694) x32
MSXML v5 SP2 v5-20-1099-0 (KB2687499) and (KB2760574) x64 x32

VC++ 2005 SP1 v8-0-61187 and v8-0-61186 x64 x32
VC++ 2008 SP1 v9-0-30729-7523 x64 x32
VC++ 2010 SP1 v10-0-40219-455 x64 x32
VC++ 2012 v11-0-61030-1 x64 x32
VC++ 2013 v12-0-21005-1 x64 x32

VF# v2-0-40219-1 x32
VJ# v2-0-50728-937 x64 x32
VB Runtime and Virtual Machine 5 v1-3-0-0 x32 x16

XNA v4-0-30901-0 Refresh
DirectX Legacy Support v9-0c-2010-06

Silverlight v5-1-20913-0 (KB2890788) x64 x32 Dev Std

Tip - How to check version of installed VC++ 2010:

VC++ 2010 only shows shortened version in Programs and Features dialog in Control Panels (like v10-0-40219).
From this shortened version, it can't be determined, that you have the latest version installed.

To ensure, that you have latest version, display details of \Windows\System32\mfc100.dll. Then the full version (like v10-0-40219-XXX) will be displayed.


Silverlight v5-1-30514-0 (KB2977218)
VC++ 2003 v7-10-6119-0 and Common Controls v6-1-98-34
VC++ v14-0-21901-1
VF# v14-0-21901-1

Web Platform Installer v5-0



MD5: ef5f59562cb0c40d267080264f18fc32 *Redists.rar

Size: 230MB

packed with WinRAR-5

Monday, 1 July 2013

.NET 4.5 FRAMEWORK One Solution Update Installer AUGUST 2013

.NET 4.5 FRAMEWORK One Solution Update Installer AUGUST 2013

.NET 4.5 FRAMEWORK One Solution Update Installer AUGUST 2013

This application includes all available up-to-date-updates and also a superseded update uninstaller which should be run before you install the new updates.

The Superseded Uninstaller supports all versions of .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5

The update installer includes the following updates:


The Superseded Uninstaller uninstalls the following superseded Updates:


Restart is not required

Prerequisites: .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5, Vista x86/x64, Windows 7 x86/x64

This application must be run as "Administrator" when UAC is enabled. Right-click and run as Administrator.



File: NET4.5UpdateInstaller.exe
CRC-32: f87fe00c
MD4: cada8a262da766d540b678d3e912f7f9
MD5: eb305a9143bbc04e54858afc3908b097
SHA-1: bf20bb78a47036ecaed94033a3689c6a33ec29b9

packed with WinRAR-5

Monday, 18 February 2013

.NET Framework 3.5 Standalone Installer for Windows 8.1 x86-x64 / Server 2012 R2


- Info:

Standalone Offline Multilingual Installer to Enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8.1 x86/x64 or Windows Server 2012 R2
basically it's a Portable Source contains the required files for .NET 3.5 for all languages.

- Important:

Only/Best workable on a fresh installed system with no updates applied.

- Usage:

- Run as administrator
- Click Next to begin the process
- Wait for the extraction process to complete (it will take some time)
- Wait for the installation/Enabling process to complete
- Afterwards, wait a bit for Deletion of temporary files and the final message appear

- Tip:

You can use the file as offline source to enable .net35 in wim image.
just extract the contents with 7-zip or winrar, then point the Dism command to "x86" or "x64" folder path.

DISM /Image:C:\Mount /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:"C:\dotNetFx35_W8.1_x86\x86"



File : dotNetFx35_W8.1_x86_x64.exe
Size : 63.79 MB
MD5  : f82fce1d865bf70cbba99cfc3b41bd1d

SHA1 : 41cee629c506d726818947d81d5498d62fa0f1ea

Thanks to ricktendo64 for the GUI.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

NEW!!! Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013

Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013

Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013 

Prerequisite: Office 2013

Note: On Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems right-click and run the setup as administrator!

All available updates and hotfixes are included.

The installer automatically skips updates which are not applicable to your office 2013 versions.

Download Update Pack Office 2013 x86


 1,23 GB

File: Office2013UP-x64.exe
CRC-32: c71f846f
MD4: 8562bb325d41250db4256a406e9ddcd2
MD5: 535e1ca3bff1ef63ac80497cbb32d9a7
SHA-1: da9ec91b532260c0a30fa5fae95f359ba850aac8

Download Update Pack Office 2013 x64


 1,38 GB

File: Office2013UP-x64.exe
CRC-32: 368b8f53
MD4: 479568643f820804c8e1bf8acb711762
MD5: d53edb43acca8a9aaf4cf858a48d2399
SHA-1: f9a9a81cbe4d0a0d633135991040fd674f542cb9

packed with WinRAR-5

Cheers and have fun...