Thursday, 10 January 2013

NEW!!! Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013

Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013

Office 2013 Update Pack SEPTEMBER 2013 

Prerequisite: Office 2013

Note: On Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems right-click and run the setup as administrator!

All available updates and hotfixes are included.

The installer automatically skips updates which are not applicable to your office 2013 versions.

Download Update Pack Office 2013 x86


 1,23 GB

File: Office2013UP-x64.exe
CRC-32: c71f846f
MD4: 8562bb325d41250db4256a406e9ddcd2
MD5: 535e1ca3bff1ef63ac80497cbb32d9a7
SHA-1: da9ec91b532260c0a30fa5fae95f359ba850aac8

Download Update Pack Office 2013 x64


 1,38 GB

File: Office2013UP-x64.exe
CRC-32: 368b8f53
MD4: 479568643f820804c8e1bf8acb711762
MD5: d53edb43acca8a9aaf4cf858a48d2399
SHA-1: f9a9a81cbe4d0a0d633135991040fd674f542cb9

packed with WinRAR-5

Cheers and have fun...

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