Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Windows 8 / 8.1: Missed Features Installer (8MFI)


Hi there,

I've made this program (install shell) or maybe it is better to say collection, for beginners and for those which like easy automated installation of most native needed programs.

What you can do with this program?

Enable Net Framework 3.5 (without need from windows 8/8.1 install media - MFI is standalone)
Enable Aero Glass
Install Gadgets
Install Start Menu
Install Microsoft Games from XP/Vista/7

Windows 8: MFI


Installed all programs on Windows 8


Installed all programs on Windows 8.1 with Update 1


*8MFI is a collection from free software only, not contain any cracked programs or similar things.

Thanks to:

.NET Framework 3 - manu
Aero Glass ( Glass8 ) - Big Muscule
Gadgets - PainteR
Start Menu ( Start Menu 8 ) - IObit
Games ( XP/Vista/7 ) - woot332's patch used

MD5: 7dd375073e4c0738e05a092a48daae90
SHA1: 320cabd26cb18bea8f0002dacdbaff4f8985363c
Size: 577 MB



packed with WinRAR-5


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