Thursday, 14 August 2014

Windows Thin PC: Missed Features Installer (TPC-MFI)


Hi there,

I've made this program (install shell) or maybe it is better to say collection, for beginners and for those which like easy automated installation of most native needed programs and features.

What you can do with this program?

Turn UAC OFF/ON (Turning OFF UAC is recommended for time when you install features, after that you can turned ON again.) This option you can access from down-left 'Lock' icon from TPC-MFI.

Install .NET Framework Package: 1.1; 3.0; 3.5; 4.5.2* (Version 2.0 comes pre-installed on Thin PC)
Install Fax and Scan
Install Mobility Center and SlideShow
Install Premium Codecs for Windows Media Player
Install Windows BackUp and Restore
Install Windows Defender
Install Windows DVD Maker and ISO Burner
Install Windows Media Center
Install Windows Photo Viewer
Install Windows Power Shell
Install Windows Search
Install Windows Speech
Install Windows Tablet PC Support
Install Windows Internet Explorer 11
Install Windows Mail
Install Microsoft Games**
Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013; Visual #F 2.0, #J 2.0

Windows Thin PC before installation of TPC-MFI.

Windows Thin PC: MFI

Windows Thin PC after installation of TPC-MFI.

*Installation process of NETFX 4.5.2 knows to be a bit slow (5-10 mins in VMWare)

**When installation of Games is initiated you probably will see bunch of errors - all of them are irrelevant.
!Restart is only needed for installation of: NET Packages, Internet Explorer 11, Windows Mail and of course turning UAC OFF.


1.) It is recommended first of all to turn OFF UAC (down-left 'Lock' icon from TPC-MFI), and restart - 1st restart
2.) after that to integrate features in the given order, begin from the top of the list - NET Packages (they need restart - 2nd restart) to the button - Internet Explorer 11.
3.) After integrating Internet Explorer 11 you must restart - 3rd restart.
4.) After restarting you can continue to install Windows Mail (also need restart - 4th restart), Games, and Visual C++ Packages.
# When installation of some other feature is initiated you will be asked for restart anyway, but you need just to press "N" from the keyboard, or two times on "N" key to say "NO for restart and close the current installation console".
# If you skip some of the above 4 restarts, you are risking to get failure on Update installation process and Windows will be restored as it was before starting the process. So four restarts are enough.

Thanks to:

Ricktendo for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013; Visual #F 2.0, Visual #J 2.0 - All-In-One Package
AsciiWolf - - and Samuka - BetaArchive for Microsoft Games.



MD5: e2a4b82adfe39937f1a202e5f9e18032
SHA1: 5782fcf618a11296f52721e2cc7bf025145ffc61
Size: 677 MB

packed with WinRAR-5